Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vaccines & Cloth Diapers

So Iyana turned two months on the 20th and had her two month appointment on the 19th. At this appointment  she was vaccinated along with her check up. Good news, my angel has gained yet another pound in two weeks!

But on to the fun stuff is the question of whether or not it is a good idea to continue cloth diapering for the two weeks after vaccines. In Canada (or at least in Ontario) it's standard for the baby to get the Rotavirus vaccine. This is a live virus taken orally which is then shed out into the poo for the next couple of weeks.
The virus is still live in the stools. To take the safe route, I decided to use sposies for the next couple of weeks. This is based on logic that the diapers sit there for a good couple of days before being washed, letting this virus breed.

Now we have a few days left of disposable purgatory. Personally, I'm TIRED of blowouts and taking poo stains out of cloths.


  1. My little one just had her first vaccines today too. I am in the same dilemma. I am finally down to my last disposable diaper (we were given quite a few at her shower) and was celebrating until the nurse mentioned to use extra caution because of the rotavirus vaccine. I think I am going to add a very tiny amount of bleach, wash daily and try to let the sun dry the diapers.

    1. Yeah the rotavirus vaccine is no fun, specially with cloth diapers. I couldn't wait for the two weeks to pass. How did bleaching the diapers work out?