Friday, September 13, 2013

Pasta that's a Fasta

It has been forever since I've posted one of my favourite veganish recipes. Before I delve into how to make a yummy pasta salad, I want to tell you something. Today is Friday the thirteenth. A day of bad luck. Yet at midnight, last night, I was starving and spent a good five minutes looking at my empty fridge and bare pantry, trying to figure out what I could make (I've been working like a fiend on my novel and food is no longer a priority).

Now don't you see this as good luck? Fate? That I made an awesome, easy pasta salad just in time for today's post? Now on to the food. I think I will call this dish: Friday the 13th Pasta Salad or F13PS for short. Yes, it's lame, but this salad is so good you'll forgive the lame name.

The Ingredients:

1 green pepper
3 roma tomatoes (2 if they are larger)
1 onion (sweet onions are best)
1 pack (400g should be good) of whole grain pasta (because it's healthier)
   salt and pepper
3tsp paprika
3tsp oregano
1.5 cups of vegan mayo (to start, then add according to your preference) (I know, not healthy, but that's          why we got the whole grain pasta)
3-5tbs of mustard
   your choice of protein, canned or prepared the way you like (I use tuna or salmon but you can use tofu or beans)

The Magic:

Set a pot of water to boil for the pasta. While you wait, jullienne (love that word) the green pepper, tomatoes, and onions. 
Add the pasta once water has started to boil.
In a bowl, combine the veggies, seasoning, mustard, and mayo and mix. Once the the pasta has finished boiling, strain and rinse with cold water, then add it to the mixture.
Mix until pasta is evenly coated with the sauce.

And that's it. You can add more veggies or just increase the quantities. This recipe is so versatile is should be illegal. And no matter how you switch it up, it's hard to mess it up. Note, I never use a measuring cup or spoons unless I'm baking. The measurements I gave you are rough estimates of what I used.

As a side, this makes approx. 6-8 servings.