Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Road Trip with Baby

My husband and I decided on a whim to go Long Island to visit his family so they could meet the baby.
That is an eight hour trip with no baby. I'm proud to say that we did it in less than ten hours.

Well we're lucky to have a baby who loves the car so we took advantage of the time she was asleep. To help, we left around her bed time and traveled through the night. She only woke up to eat and have her diaper changed.

Funny things that happened along the way?
When I say funny I mean things that we can look back on and find funny. As I'm sure you know, hurricane Sandy recently visited the east coast. My family was affected and had no power for a week. As soon ad we heard they had their power back we decided to go thinking things should be pretty much back to normal.


The GPS takes us through New Jersey where we ended up having to fill up the tank. So we detoured, taking the first exit we saw had a gas station. It was the most eerie thing I had ever seen. The town we were in was in the dark. It was like a ghost town. There had been only a truck that had gotten off the highway with us and a cop car. Point: gas stations were closed around that exit. So we hopped back onto the highway and tried a couple exits down. Nothing. Third time is a charm because the next exit we had decided to try had a gas station open. By this point I was ready to cry because the range on our car was not looking pretty if we couldn't find something soon.

So I pulled up to the pump. And an attendant came up to the car.

"No gas for you. Your odd number," he told me.

"What?" I asked confused.

"Odd number. You can't get gas."

I couldn't believe my ears. "I need to go to a different pump with and even number?" I asked, trying to see what  number the pump was.

He had looked at me like I was deaf or an idiot. "No your plate. No good. Odd number."

Then I understood him loud and clear. Holding back my tears I had begged and asked him to give me at least a little because I was on low and had a baby. He wasn't happy about it but thankfully gave me gas.
The rule hubby and I weren't aware about was that the gas was being rationed. Odd plates got gas on odd dates and even plates/plates ending in letters got gas on even dates.

Anyways, the way back went just as well. We got home in good time with no incidents.

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