Friday, August 30, 2013

Yeast Beast

Now this in't a topic a lot of women like to talk about but it is a huge problem postpartum mama's face. Especially if you were more susceptible to infection before ever being pregnant. I am one of those mama's and I'm tired of my trips to the store to purchase treatments. It's costly and increasing the amount of medication I'm putting into my body. If you know me so far, you know I'm a huge hippie and meds go against my motto. So here's what I do to save money and keep pure.

There are great vegan, probiotic supplements you can get in pretty much any natural food store or section. There are some that are even labeled as yeast killers. These supplements need to be kept in the fridge and taken on an empty stomach, twice a day.

Go Commando!
Yes, it's not a joke. Yeast loves humidity and always wearing panties, specially in the summer, doesn't help. I'm not saying to go pantyless when you're out and about. Just try to stay in a housecoat or nightgown with no underwear when you're at home. Definitely don't sleep with underwear either. This is not only good for yeast, but to air the lady parts out. All parts of our body need to breathe and there are no exceptions! Cutting down my panty time has gotten rid of infections all on it's own!

Cut Down on the Sweets
I know! I know! How dare I suggest such a thing? Well unfortunately, yeast loves sugar and eating a sugary diet feeds it. Eat less sugary fruits and foods. Also, try to eat a less acidic diet. I know making changes to your diet is tough, so try the first two step first. Like I said, wearing underwear less beat the yeast on it's own for me. 

These are my top Yeast Beast killers. What are yours? And what works best for you?

***NOTE*** I am not a doctor or health professional. This is strictly advice that is not intended to replace a doctor's or health professional's opinion. I am simply stating what works for me. Always consult with a professional in regards to health issues. 

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