Monday, January 28, 2013

The Milk Debate

There seems to be a lot of controversy over whether milk is good or bad for you. Doctors and nutritionist have conflicting ideas and beliefs, but if you base the answer on unbiased research and plain logic, the answer is clear.

Milk is loaded with nutrition.
Milk has Vitamins A, B12, C, D. It's a great source for protein and calcium. Wow!

Milk is loaded with hormones.
Cows are given estrogen to to help produce more milk faster. These hormones are passed on through the milk. Imagine, as women, we already have enough of our own estrogen and now your giving a female hormone to men. Does that sound right?

Milk is loaded with antibiotics.
Cows are given antibiotics to fight illness. The conditions they are kept in are not ideal and illness loves it. These antibiotics are also passed on to us, weakening our immune system.

Milk has cholesterol.
It may have good fats but it also has bad fats and cholesterol. We all know that's bad.

Milk has lactose.
Our bodies were not meant to digest lactose. Those of us who can have adapted to it, it's not the norm.

Milk makes our bodies mad.
Our bodies consider milk an allergen, something that's attacking it. So to protect itself, our bodies create antibodies to fight it. Antibodies, as much as they like to help, cause inflammation within the body.

Milk breaks down bones.
I know doctors and nutritionist say milk keeps teeth and bones healthy, but if you look at statistics, the nations with the higher dairy intake actually have higher osteoporosis cases. North America's misconception about calcium is that it's something you need to load up on to have strong teeth and bones. Really, it's not about how much calcium you take in but how much you keep in. The North American diet is extremely acidic. For example we are huge coffee and soda drinkers. The acidity of these beverages cause our body to leech the calcium from our bones to lower the acidity in our blood. If we were to reduce the amount of acidic food we eat, our body wouldn't need to do this as often as it does.

NOW, let's take a look at this logically.

FACT: We are the only species to drink milk from another species.
FACT: We are the only species that continue to drink milk after infancy.
FACT: Being able to digest lactose is an adaptation, not something our bodies are meant to do.
FACT: Our body creates antibodies when we consume milk.
FACT: All milk from any species is meant for one thing: to nourish and fatten.

Facts that can not be disproved, show we shouldn't drink milk. Think about it. We all get grossed out at the idea of drinking human milk as an adult. What makes milk from another animal's tit any better? An animal with out the ability to practice proper hygiene, who is injected with hormones and antibodies, who bleeds puss and blood into the milk....

Grossed out yet? 

The truth about milk is there for anyone to see.

What about the doctors and/or nutritionists who still say "Drink Milk" and swear by it?
Realize that more money in the last few decades have gone towards all kinds of research besides nutrition. Now there are new methods for how to care for the umbilical cord stump, new medication for illnesses, new treatments for cancer. We laugh at the things people used to do because at the time, they were the latest and greatest methods. Only now, research is being done in regards to nutrition. So a lot of the information being taught to health care professionals (if even any) is old and out of date.

Well, there's some food for thought.

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