Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Importance of Socializing

Getting out of the house becomes an art once you have a baby or children in general. You don't have the will in the first place when you have the struggle of getting you and baby ready. Punctuality is more of a dream than a reality. Fatigue....putting together a nursing friendly outfit......going over diaper bag items to make sure nothing was all works against us.

BUT! I've learned it is extremely important to make the effort to get out and about. Not just for your sanity but for the benefits for your baby as well.

After going to  a few meet-up groups, I found it amazing how babies that are just learning how to crawl become friends and have preferences and fancies. Babies who have socialized from infant-hood have a head start over those who haven't.

How do you find these meet-up groups?

Start at community centres. Google/call around to find out what's available. Pick one group and go. Through those moms, you can learn about other meet-up groups that are available. The internet, I found, doesn't give up too much about what is out there but you can find enough to get your toe into the door.

Perks for Moms

One thing I loved about these meet-ups was the ability to rant to listening ears. My circle of friends don't really care about mama-hood problems. When I get together with other moms, I'm able to talk about family problems, breastfeeding, baby poop, the whole shabang.

It's a great antidote for cabin fever.

You just may meet some ladies that can become great friends.

Perks for Babies

Like I mentioned before, they're able to learn how to socialize with other babies. They get to see other people who are little like them.

Your baby can make great friends too.

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