Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Twizzlers and Starbucks

I don't know how disappointed many of you were when you found out the Muslims weren't lying about there being pork in many chewy candies. Pork is against their religion and it's against our diet. I was heart broken and disgusted to find out that gelatin was made from pork junk a little while back (ignorance was bliss).

So naturally I avoided all chewy sweets including licorice. BUT! I found out last night that Twizzlers are in fact gelatin free!!!!! They do contain glycerin which can be derived from plants, animals or synthetically. The PETA does list Twizzlers as a vegan candy so we can all assume it is animal product free. Click Here for PETA's list of vegan sweets.

And I'm pretty sure you heard about Starbucks buggy situation with their strawberry flavoured drinks. If not here's a quick review.

Starbucks has been using cochineal extract. It comes from a type of red bug that's dried and ground up to use for colouring. Not vegan at all, and kinda gross. Of course it's great that Starbucks opted for a more natural way to colour their strawberry products. But bugs?

Thankfully, after the stir it's caused, Starbucks has announced that they are using tomato extract instead.


What a nice compromise. Still natural but not buggy.

So drink on my green friends.

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  1. Oh, am I ever happy to read this! :)