Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everything Changes

I am almost 19 weeks weeks pregnant and I decided to do this blog about my vegan pregnancy. So far, I won't lie, I'm not doing too well with keeping track of what I eat and making sure I'm getting enough of everything. Which is important enough if you eat a regular diet let alone a vegan diet.

My nausea, heartburn, and miraculous taste bud revolution all are contributing to the hard time I'm having. I love broccoli and now the sight of it makes me green (pun intended), even tea gives me heartburn, when I eat I get sick, and when I don't eat I STILL get sick. So as excited as I was to have the freedom to eat as much as I wanted and what ever I wanted, I was sad to find out I don't like food very much right now.

I want to go back over the first bit of my pregnancy over the next little while to catch up to where I am now. I'll share tips and the things I learned to stay vegan safely during your pregnancy because it truly is a scary thing. All the things doctors throw into your face about calcium, iron, and protein doesn't help. My philosophy is, if this diet can sustain me and keep me healthy (healthier than when I'm not vegan), than I'm sure it can sustain the little one too.

I will say it is probably easier (maybe safer, I'm not a doctor or nutritionist) to drop the vegan thing while you're pregnant but for those who continue, I'm sure you all have good reasons. As I have mine.

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